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The Asset Exchange Limited trading as The Car Loan Centre – In Administration
I advise that The Asset Exchange Limited was placed into administration on 28 February 2024, with Ian Corfield, Geoff Rowley and Glyn Mummery of FRP Advisory Trading Limited appointed as joint administrators.
The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Administrator(s) and who act as agents of the Company without personal liability.
A list of our Insolvency Practitioners and their respective licensing bodies is available at https://www.frpadvisory.com/legal-and-regulatory-notices/#appointmenttakers.
Insolvency Practitioners are bound by the Insolvency Code of Ethics when carrying out all professional work relating to an insolvency appointment.

At present it is uncertain that goods and services ordered before we entered administration will be supplied. If you have made a deposit for or paid for goods or services by credit or debit card (including charge and pre-paid cards) and you are advised that goods/order is not going to be fulfilled as expected, you may be able to get your money back by claiming a refund from your card issuer. There may be time limits that apply.
Please contact your card issuer as soon as you can if this may apply to you (there is no need to wait until the due date before contacting your card issuer). Further information can be found here Debit & credit card chargeback: protection on faulty goods - MSE (moneysavingexpert.com).


We can help you, where other’s can’t

Welcome to Yes Car Credit

We really do consider ALL circumstances. Good Credit, Bad Credit, CCJs, Defaults, Arrears, 100% Benefits and more. This allows us to say 'YES' to more customers every day and with centres in Essex, Manchester as well as Nationwide Delivery ** we can help whether you live in Newquay, Newcastle or anywhere in between!

At Yes Car Credit we are able to consider applicants who have been turned down by dealerships or banks.

Every customer's application is assessed by an individual underwriter, we do not rely on computer generated credit scores*.

Searching for “Guaranteed Car Credit”?

In your search for Car Finance you will have no doubt seen other car dealerships and car finance websites advertising “Guaranteed Car Finance”.

Regulators have expressed concern about the use of the term “Guaranteed Car Finance” and "Guaranteed Car Credit" as this offer is unachievable by most lenders and mainstream dealerships as a lender must assess individual circumstances and not lend to anyone who can’t afford to repay the loan.

At Yes Car Credit we specialise in Bad Credit Car Finance and we base all decisions on your ability to repay NOT on your credit score*, this enables us to say ‘YES’ even if you have had previous credit difficulties. As part of your full application, we will review your income(s) and outgoings via your bank statements to provide your monthly affordability and process a credit check to review your history and verify your identity. Even with our alternative lending process we still cannot “Guarantee” you will be approved.

Car Finance for all

  • Poor Credit, Bad Credit & No Credit Histories considered
  • CCJs, Defaults, Arrears all considered
  • 100% Benefits income considered
  • Employed & Self-Employed considered
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • All vehicles come with Warranty, MOT & 128 point check
  • 100's of vehicles to choose from
All considered for car finance.